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It’s no secret that we live in a tiny small town located in the White Mountains of Arizona. No, we do not have fast food here. No, we do not have stop lights here. But YES! we DO have delicious and beautifully done custom decorated sugar cookies! This is such a fun thing that our town gets to enjoy and I wanted to share a little bit about this amazing woman who is such an amazing and beautiful addition to our town. Not only does she create beautiful (AND DELICIOUS) cookies, but her family also owns and operates a local pizza restaurant in town! So fun, right?!

custom decorated sugar cookies arizona

I asked Heather from Peachy Sweet Cookie Shoppe 
some questions about her amazing cookie business and this is what she had to say:

What inspired you to start a cookie business?
“Didn’t do it on purpose. I had watched several of the cookie decorating videos as I scrolled through FB and decided to give it a try on Christmas Eve one year. I had no idea what I was doing and they looked terrible but were so good.
I am a pretty determined person and it was something I thought I would enjoy so I tried again and again. Still practicing but looking back and seeing how far I’ve come is rewarding.”

Have you always been a baker?
“Not really…I mean I would bake treats for my family but never to this extent.”

What has been the best part about making cookies?
“The best part about making cookies has seriously been meeting so many people! If I didn’t make cookies I would stay in my own little box and not know so many sweet and kind people around the mountain.” (When Heather does orders, she does pickup options for all of our surrounding towns. How amazing is that?!)

custom decorated sugar cookies arizona

What are the pros and cons of a business in a small town?
“Pros and cons of running a business in a small town?? Pros again just meeting so many people from here that I probably don’t run into regularly. I love being asked to do cookies for occasions year after year for the same customer. I have a few I’ve done cookies for birthdays for 3 years now. It’s been fun to watch the kids likes change from year to year.
I don’t really have any cons. I just love what I get to do.”

These cookies are the real deal, y’all. I wish every single one of you lived in our town so you could try them! Haha. Heather is a wonderful person, inside and out, and it shows in her cookies! I am so grateful she let me brag a little bit about her on my blog! It is so fun to learn things about new people and I hope people in our little town enjoyed this post! 🙂

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