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Marriage is really great, guys. One of the many amazing things that comes from marriage is marrying into new food. And not just new food…but GOOD new food. Who knew “chili” was NOT in-fact a pot of ground beef, beans and tomatoes served with corn bread and it ALSO came in the form of “red” or “green”. HAHA!!! Michael and I always laugh about this one because one of my favorite meals is “chili”. MY KIND OF CHILI. First time I made “chili”….he was very confused. So now we call MY CHILI “bean stew”.

Believe it or not, I had never had tostadas before meeting Michael. At least it is not something I ever remember my mother making. Mom, correct me if I am wrong. But I do believe I have confirmed this with other siblings and they agree that we never had this growing up.

Guys. IT IS THE EASIEST MEAL EVER. I don’t know why my mom, raising 6 kids, never made this. It is so easy and so delicious. We have tostadas probably once a week because….#lazy.

There are a few things that are ALWAYS stocked in our pantry. Those are refried beans, shells or tortillas of some kind, El Pato, and our fridge always has shredded cheese. Are we the healthiest of people? Nah. Are we well fed and happy with our choices? Absolutely. So here is an easy, family and budget friendly meal for you!

Here’s what you need…

– Shells (or you can fry your own.) We are using La Reyna De San Luis brand right now and WOW! They are so good. I couldn’t find them online for you anywhere, so if you’re ever in a Mexican market or in Mexico, GRAB THESE!
– Refried beans
– Shredded Cheese
– Toppings of your choosing. (Salsa, El Pato, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, etc.)

– Set oven to broil
– Lay out shells on pan
– Top with refried beans
– Sprinkle with cheese
– Pop pan in oven until cheese is melty. Make sure to watch these so they don’t burn! (I say this from experience. It happens quick, okay?)
– Take out and top with your favorite toppings!

I understand everyone has their own way for making these SO DON’T COME AT ME! I am just sharing what we do in our home, ya dig?!
Do you like tostadas? What is one meal your spouse brought into your marriage that you love?!?

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