Different Strokes for Different Folks | Kaylin Lindsey

Different strokes for different folks.

If you’ve been my friend for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard me say that by now. Really, I say it at least once a day. But it’s SO. DARN. TRUE. You may like something that I hate, and that’s cool! You might live your life totally different than me, and that’s cool! You might be a stay at home mom while others work, and that’s cool! DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS!

We as humans spend SO much time comparing, over thinking, downright judging and just wondering how people are perceiving us. Social media is so fun, right?!

If you’re not that person, then great. Really. You’re a better person than me and you can click off this post. If you’re one of those people who is super confident in who you are and don’t give a rats ass about what people think of you, come back another day for another post. This isn’t it for you, sis.

Right before we got married we moved to the town we currently live in. I love this town. It has my heart and it is where I see us growing old. It’s a wonderful town filled with wonderful people. HOWEVER!

This was a hard place to move to. Like…REALLY HARD. I am not from here. I didn’t grow up here and my friends don’t live here. For the first few years we lived here I was convinced I would never find a friend and I felt like I was constantly sticking out like a black sheep.

I mean….I still do….hell, I’m at the liquor store buying Bud Light more than I’m at the gas station getting gas. And guess what? That’s okay. You water your grass while I water mine. Mine might just have a little beer in it. Hahaha.

I really thought at this point in my life I would have the whole “friends” thing figured out. I thought that I would be so confident in who I was. I thought I would never care in a million years what people thought of me. And although that is true on most days, some days I really struggle. And I struggle HARD. We all want to be liked and accepted, right? Isn’t that just….human nature??

And wanting to be liked and accepted in a small town that has friend groups that have been established since the womb, its hard to find your tribe. And when you want to sit and have a glass of wine with a friend but you literally don’t know one person who you could call to do that with, its hard.

I think you’re allowed to feel this way as an adult in life. Especially if you are someone who craves friendship and relationships the way I do. I think you can live anywhere, be a stay at home mom, be a working mom, be a single girl, have lots of money, or be stressing about bills and you can still feel this way.

I want to tell you that it’s okay. It’s allowed. You are validated. I think the biggest thing for me to remember is there are seasons of life. Ebb and flow. Somedays you’re up and some days you’re down. THIS IS NORMAL. YOU ARE NORMAL.

If you do one thing today, I hope that thing is giving yourself a little grace. Give yourself grace for the moment of life you are in and give yourself grace for how your heart might be feeling about things right now. You are wonderful.

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