Living In A SMALL Town

Often times I have NO clue what to write about as a “blogger”. I’ve never really considered myself that because well….there are MONTHS that go by that I don’t post on here. 100% of the time, I feel like I don’t have anything to share when it comes to my boring little life. But damn it, I want to blog. I want to write. I want to share things with you. So this year, that’s what I’m in a small town

If you know us, you know we live in a tiny town. Growing up, I thought my hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona was “tiny”. But no. I’m talking TINY. Like….no stop lights, no fast food, I drive 45 mins each way for groceries, etc….

I will never forget when we were moving here and one of my sisters said…”What happens if you have an event and you need a red blouse?! Where do you go?!” Hahaha. We still laugh about that. Thanks, Jen!

So…what exactly do we do in small towns like this to keep ourselves sane? Well friend, I’m going to tell you!

– We drive to the “big city” a lot. And by big city…I mean the next town that has a Walmart. We like going out to eat as a family in Show Low and sometimes just walking around said Walmart or Home Depot because well, there’s nothing else to do! We’ve been known to order a pizza from Dominos and drive the 45 mins each way just to pick it up and bring it home. Sometimes you’re desperate, okay?!

– Bunco Group. If you have never been apart of a bunco group, you should totally start one with your friends!! When I was playing bunco, we would meet up once a month at someone’s house and play. It was good to get out of the house, be with other moms, and just laugh and usually eat yummy treats!! You can find a ton of fun ideas on Pinterest and if you’ve never played bunco, you can find rules and such there, too!

– Gas stations and drives. If you live in a small town, you have probably gone to the gas station to get a drink or some kind and then just driven around town. It’s something we really like doing. We’re old and boring. Don’t judge us. Also, I’m pretty sure towns are the #1 sellers of soda pop cups at gas stations. It’s crazy how many drinks people get a day!!! HAHA!

– For “date night” we like to do puzzles or play each other in cards. Pretty wild, huh?!

– Fires. In the summer we love having fires in our backyard. Sometimes we invite people over, sometimes we don’t. Either way it breaks up the “every day” and gives us something to do other than watch Netflix.

– Summer. We live for summers around here. Our town does SO many fun things and we truly live for it!!! If you’ve never been to a small town for any type of holiday, find a friend and go! (cough, me, cough)

One thing I DON’T do a lot of, and it tends to surprise people, is order a lot from Amazon. I never really got on that train and I just….don’t use it? I actually just learned about grocery DELIVERY over Christmas with my family. Like….people actually have groceries delivered to their HOUSE! What a concept! HAHAHA!

If you like hearing about our “small town life”, let me know what you’re interested in reading about and I can write about anything you are curious about!!!

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