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Woah. Writing the title to this post was WEIRD. Did you know I have NEVER willing used my last name on my blog or Instagram within the past 5 years? (Irrational fear of stalkers.) And now here I am….relaunching/rebranding my website and it is KAYLIN LINDSEY.

So hi! HELLO! My name is Kaylin Lindsey. Nice to meet you!

SO much has been happening in my life lately. Lots of changes, which surprisingly are all for the good! I am in a job that I freaking love, I have picked up photography, and overall I am just REALLY happy!

Did you pick up on that little part about photography? WHAT THE HECK! Yeah, I started in on photography. You all know we have done wedding videography for years now. We love it. We truly truly love filming weddings and spending that time together capturing people on their special day. We are still doing videography (hint hint, if you need a video done!) but I started picking up the camera to take pictures and it has just captured my heart.

I have done a lot of family photo shoots in the last few months and I am just so proud of the work I have put out. Most of the time, I am not a proud person. Like….I constantly say “I’m not good at anything. I don’t do anything cool” blah blah blah. But now. NOW! I can say I’m pretty okay at taking pictures and I absolutely love it!!

I have decided to merge my “blog space” into a blog and a business website all in one. I love writing. You guys know that. And I love taking pictures. And I just wanted a central place for all of those things. I thought about doing something separate, but I’ve always loved connecting with you guys on such a deeper level and I want to keep that same connection as I move into photography. I want to have a connection with my clients that goes beyond a signed contract and delivered pictures.

I am so excited about this change and this transition in life! I am hoping over the months (years?!) we (YES I’M TALKING TO YOU!) can get together and create some picture magic! I hope you will enjoy this new space that I am creating. I hope you will feel refreshed and inspired. I hope you will want to go out and grab an appetizer and a beer or cheese and wine. Wait what? Okay I’m getting carried away.


Kaylin Lindsey

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