Too Much Physical Activity! | A Weekend Recap

Phew! What a weekend. A weekend I DESPERATELY needed!

I feel so lucky to be married to the guy I am and so blessed to be able to have weekends like this. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we just need to do fun things and spend some quality time with each other! 

We drove down to the “big city” (*cough phoenix cough*) on Thursday night. What was the first thing we did? Put our child down for bed and ordered take-out sushi. HOLLLERRR!!!!! Guys. I’m obsessed with sushi. It’s bad. I could eat it every day. Anyone want to go on a sushi date sometime?!

Friday morning I dropped baby girl off with some family for the weekend and went to see an old high school friend. Also, I tried Thrive for the first time. I will do a separate post on it BUT HAS ANYONE TRIED IT?! Holy. Crap! Friday in the afternoon my sweet sister Michelle set up a massage for us! Much needed. Much MUCH needed. I also missed my turn getting to the place and saw a pedestrian get hit by a car. 
But nonetheless, I made it to the massage! It was glorious.

Friday night we went to a quick housewarming party (and by quick I mean we were there for like 10 mins. Sorry!) and headed to dinner with my sister in-law! We had a fun night of bowling where I DOMINATED in the scavenger hunt and won 6 free games of bowling. No idea why I think that’s necessary. But it was. And I did it!

Saturday morning we did breakfast at TC Eggingtons. Y’all…I’ll be honest….I am not a breakfast person. It just doesn’t tickle my fancy. But I still had a yummy parfait and how cool is this coffee bar outside the restaurant?! The cutest.

After breakfast we headed to Top Golf for the first time. Not sure what I was thinking seeing as we went bowling the night before and I am the least active person EVER. Guys….i’m really sore today. Like….embarrassingly sore! But let’s be honest…Top Golf was AMAZING! Have you ever been?! Such a fun time!

Saturday night we did “fancy date” at the same place M took me for our first “fancy date”. The view at The Compass Room is always wonderful and the food/drinks are devine! We had a creme brûlée trio that I stupidly did not photograph that was out of this world!

Sunday we did a Costco run. (Do all adults love this or just us?!) and went to the mall. We don’t have one of those where we live so that’s a real treat for me!

This weekend was a good one. It was relaxing, yet exciting. It was exactly what my heart needed. Alone time with the hubs. Good food, good friends, good times. I hope everyone has a great and fabulous week! XOXO!

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