We Bought A Camper Van!

You know when you see something in someone’s yard that you like so you walk up to their house and ask if you can buy it? No?? That’s not normal? Well….that’s exactly how we scored the newest addition to our family. And no, I am not kidding. HAHA! Small town life. Small town living. We are not all crazy here, I promise. Just….friendly.

We are SO beyond excited have have this new (to us, obviously) camper van in our lives. We LOVE camping as a family and this is going to make trips so much easier. Just load up in the van and hit the road!

She (or he? We haven’t decided it’s vibe yet) is obviously nothing brand spanking new, but that’s kind of our vibe if you haven’t caught on. We don’t need fancy around here. Heck, we met at an Uncle Kracker concert….I am off track now….

We are going to put a little work into it but for the most part, she (he?!) is solid and sound. We are excited to add some color and personal touches to the van. It is going to be perfect for our little family. Many of memories are about to be made!!

Do you like camping? If you live in Arizona, where is your favorite place to camp??

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