To The Friend Who Has No Friends

If you have clicked on this post, chances are you are in the same boat as a lot of other women I know. You fall into a category of people who feel like they do not have friends. Specifically, I am talking about myself. I fall into this category.

And I will start by saying….my heart goes out to you. I SEE YOU. And I love you.

We see it all the time….”Find your tribe and love them hard”. What happens if we don’t have a “tribe”? There are posts about “Why girls trips are GREAT!” But what if you don’t even have a group of friends to go on one of those trips with? We see girls, or couples, on constant trips together. But what if you just DON’T do that? You are still normal, I promise. Pinky promise.

Why is it that as an adult, it almost seems damn near impossible to make good, SOLID friendships? Is it our busy schedules? Or is it judgment and intimidation from other women/people?

I said this earlier, but if anything I have said earlier in this post resonates with you, please know that YOU are on my heart right now. I have been thinking about you and I have been praying for you. Guys…it sucks to feel like you don’t have friends. It hurts your heart. It can keep you up at night and some days move you to tears. It can be so frustrating to just want ONE FRIEND who you call and vent to….or someone who talk to each day…..but the truth is….some of us just DON’T have that.

There is nothing worse than questioning what type of friend you might be….I mean, if you don’t have a ton of friends, something must be wrong, right? If you don’t have a “close knit group”, you must be missing out on something, right?

Ready for the brutal and honest truth? NOTHING IS WRONG! Nothing is wrong with you, nothing is wrong with the type of friend you are, and at the end of the day, you don’t need girls trips to make your world go round.

Your tribe might be your husband. And that’s okay. Your tribe might be your kids. And that’s okay. Hell your tribe might be your babysitter or your mother in law…..that’s okay!

We live in a society right now where I think some of us have a false reality of what real life friendships look like. It doesn’t have to be going to brunch every Sunday. It doesn’t have to be luxury trips out of state together. It can simply be driving around town with a coke because your kids were driving you crazy that day. It can be watching Bachelorette in your pajamas together and eating pints of ice cream. (Okay, does anyone want to start doing this with me?!) It can be texting someone during the week saying “Thinking of you this week!”

Please, please, PLEASE do not ever question the kind of friend you are. Please do not ever question your truth or your authenticity. If you are the friend who has no friends, please know that I am with you. I stand with you. And I love you so big. You are wonderful.

Cheers to friendships, or lack thereof.

6 thoughts on “To The Friend Who Has No Friends”

  • BEAUTIFUL!! I love this so much! And it’s hard to feel like you don’t have that tribe or group of friends. I used to be that girl that had friends and it was easy to have someone to hang out with but I’ve slipped into this other role over the years where I’m content staying in and doing my own thing with my little family. While I enjoy my time with them, I do miss having girls nights and having the bond that comes with these friendships.

  • Good encouragement for those who do not have friends. Thanks for pointing out a support system could be family as well, as long as there is support it’s fine even if it’s not a tribe of girlfriends

  • I love this, and sometimes we need to be reminded. There were many times in my life that I didn’t have a tribe and I definitely felt like there was something wrong with me. Now I know there wasn’t! I love the positivity! Thank you!

  • This resonates to me well. I had someone in the past make fun of my ONE friend, and honestly.. I don’t care! I rather have a good friend than a bunch of acquaintances who aren’t trust worthy

  • I love this because it is so true! I have mom friends, but none that I can really, really call up when things are super super tough. That’s what my husband and mom are to me. But I’m mostly okay with that.

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