10 Blog Post Ideas For A Lifestyle Blog

Blogging is all the rage right now. Every day I see someone new starting a blog and I can’t help but think “GOOD FOR YOU!” Blogging has brought such happiness to my life and given me so many fun opportunities. Like I said in my pep talk to all bloggers post, there is room for you here on the internet! Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what to write about!

lifestyle blog post ideas

Here are 10 blog post ideas for your lifestyle blog that will help those creative juices get flowing!

1) A Weekend Recap
Talk about what you did over the weekend! People read your blog for YOU! So give the people what they want!!

2) 5 Current Favorites
What are 5 things that you are currently obsessed with? Make up? Food? Trader Joes? Other bloggers? This is always a great idea for a Lifestyle Blog!

3) 3 Dream Vacation Spots
I day dream about vacations a LOT. It keeps me sane. And I love hearing about where other people want to go. Share about 3 of your dream vacations or 3 places you want to visit.

4) Your Daily Schedule 
Are you a working mom? A full time photographer? Or a night time security guard? Whatever your daily routine looks like, break it down and tell us about it.

5) 20 Facts About You
I shared something similar where I did 10 things you PROBABLY don’t know about me! It was so fun and I got a lot of interaction from my readers on it.

6) Your summer/winter/year Bucket List 
What do you have planned for a certain time period? People love reading things like this.

7) Why You Started A Blog
Get personal! Let’s talk about WHY we are blogging in the first place.

8) Your Favorite Food or Drink Recipe
These are some of my personal favorite posts to read. Talk about your favorite meal, dish, or drink and give us all the details for it! We will thank you!

9) A Funky Experience You Had
One time we went to a Meadery. Yes, MEADERY. It was so fun and different. Talk about something out of the ordinary. It will hook people!

10) Your Fitness Routine
Do you have a fitness or health routine you follow?! Let’s hear it!

There are just a few ideas to get you started on your Lifestyle Blog journey! I hope this helps you! If you have any further questions about blogging, please feel free to reach out. I am always an open book!

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