Taylor Swift Reputation Tour – Our Experience!

I wish there were words on this earth to accurately describe the emotions I felt last night at the opening night of the Reputation Tour! This was a spiritual experience. This was one for the books. This was something that will stay in my heart and mind for a long, LONG time!

If you’ve been a Taylor Swift fan for any amount of time and have tickets for this show, you are in for a TREAT. And if you don’t have tickets, drain your bank accounts right now and buy some. Savings, checking, 401K’s, whatever it takes. ….kidding. As always, please do not take financial advice from me. But DO take the rest of the post VERY serious, because my love for T.Swift is VERY SERIOUS!

Let’s start with the openers….(see what I did there?! Opening with the openers?!)
If you’ve ever been excited for a FULL concert line up, you’re probably a person who lies a lot. Because 10 times out of 10, openers are pretty damn boring. I was shocked at how entertained I was by Charli XCX and Camila! Charli XCX brought SO much energy to that stage and Camila was a little firecracker. I loved them both SO much and I am now a fan of two new artist! How awesome is that?!

I honestly do not know how Taylor puts on such an incredible show. Well, actually I do…she’s a millionaire….but STILL! The time, energy, dedication, love, and commitment that goes into something like THIS is captivating. One of my favorite “details” was the wristbands they give out at the door. Spoiler alert, you get light up wristbands at the door! Each person is given one wristband, and when Taylor starts playing her music, they start lighting up. Different colors at different times, different sections at different times, all of it was incredible!

I love old Taylor. And new Taylor did not disappoint when it came to playing all the classics.

Guys, I kid you not when I say I was one of the only people standing in my section. Get off your booty and dance and sing!!!! I was seriously like a 12 year old girl in that stadium! Do not pay money to go and SIT. Watch it on YouTube later if that’s your plan. A girl in front of me was SOBBING during one song (that I also cried during) and I wanted to hop to the row in front of me and sing and dance and cry with her because everyone around me was just….boring. Haha!

YOU KNOW we tried to get into the Rep Room (which didn’t happen) but guys, GO ALL OUT! Do signs, and costumes, and matching shirts! It is SO. MUCH. FUN!

Bottom line, Taylor Swift Reputation Tour was life changing. I’ve seen her before, but this time I got to experience it with my eight year old daughter, and THAT is something we will both remember for the rest of our lives. Get ready to be emotional. Get ready for dancing. Get ready for honest and vulnerable Taylor. Get ready to laugh AND to cry. Get ready, Swifties. Because this tour will blow your mind!
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Other things to note:
1. They told us outside when waiting in line that the merch stuff outside was all there was and there was no merch inside. Fake news. There was TONS of merch inside. If you want to buy shirts beforehand and save some money, you can look HERE and HERE!
2. We got there early. Like SUPER early. And it was worth it to not have to stress about lines. I highly recommend doing this.
3. Get there for the openers. They are worth it!
4. If you have an extra ticket, take me with you. You will not regret it.

Tickets to Taylor Swift: $200.00
Shirts at the concert: $80.00
Total driving time to see her: 8/9 hours
Ditching your reputation and making these memories: PRICELESS.

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