I Spent $50.00 At The Thrift Store And Here’s What Happened

If you were to ask a group of my friends to describe me using the following sentence… “Kaylin loves ______ “, 3 out of 4 people would respond with “thrift stores”. What can I say?! I’m cheap but I like nice things. It’s a horrible combination. However, with thrift stores, I get nice things that people get rid of at half the retail price! Yes. Please. Check. Mate. It still blows my mind that people don’t shop at thrift stores. Yes, there are sketchy ones. Yes, there are some nasty things in them. And yes, I wash my hands thoroughly after being inside of one. BUT! GUYS! The deals! The savings! The thrill of the hunt for something great! I love it all. If you aren’t a thrifter, let’s go together sometime. I’ll change your mind.

So we are in a season of change right now with our family. And by “season of change”, I mean we are having to change our spending habits. A lot. And that’s okay. (Makin’ big moves, y’all.) That’s another post for another day. However, we all needed some new things for summer. We headed to Flagstaff for Memorial Day Weekend and I knew I wanted to hit up the thrift stores. (My happy place.) Savers was having 50% off on Sunday for club card members, so we set out in hopes of scoring! Here’s what we got…

Sam Edelman Sandals: Retail – $85.00 Paid – $6.99
Uhm hello, one of my favorite finds. Ever.

JohnnieB Kids Shoes: Retail – can not find Paid – $2.99

Pink Floral Osh Kosh Dress: Retail – $35 Paid – $4.99

The Children’s Place Kids Jean Shorts: Retail – $26.00 Paid – $3.99

Gap Summer Kids Romper: 
Retail – $25.00 Paid – $2.99
This is to die for.

High Waisted American Eagle Shorts: Retail – $54.00 Paid – $1.25
Fit like a glove!

Calvin Klein Denim Shorts: Retail – $60+ Paid – $3.50

Pretty Little Things Velvet Pants (NWT): Retail – $55.00 Paid – $7.99
Also…fit like a glove!

Y’all T-Shirt: Retail – ? Paid – $1.99
I’m not from Oklahoma. But I do not care, y’all. This is the best.

Aloha T-Shirt: Retail – ? Paid – $1.50
I WAS born in Hawaii. So, I bought this. Judge me.

Cato Green Lace Coverup: Retail – $25.00 Paid – $3.50

Cherokee White Lace Dress: Retail – $20.00 Paid – $6.00

Men’s Adidas Shorts: Retail – $65.00 Paid – $4.00
Men’s IZOD Shorts: Retail – $55.00 Paid – $4.00
Men’s Wrangler Shorts: Retail – $30.00 Paid – $4.00

Those were just a few of the gems we have found recently at the thrift store! What have been your best thrift store finds?! And when do you want to go thrifting together?!

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  • I lovveeeeee those LOVE shoes and the floral dress beneath them. Also, I love thrifting too and just bought like 15 books from one that I’m super excited about. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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