We are homeowners, wait what?!

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As of tuesday, WE ARE HOMEOWNERS! Crazy, right?!
Do you remember the post about becoming a stay at home mom? Well part of that is that we knew we were going to be moving. Actually, since the end of August when we put our offer in on the home we now own. I know, I know…i’m sorry for keeping the secret for so long! I just didn’t want something to fall through and then we didn’t have a house and I would have to explain everything and so forth and so on. So nonetheless, here’s our announcement, WE HAVE THE HOUSE! Can you tell i’m excited?

The week M told me to quit my job was also the week we decided we hated where we were living (okay, maybe just me hating it) and making this move would benefit us in every aspect of our life. 
A fun little recap of our buying experience? We placed our offer at the end of August. We thought this was going to be a quick process hoping that no one else was placing offers on the house. (And let’s be honest, that was a far off chance that someone was, even though our realtor told us there was.) Moving forward and QUEUE GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN! Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal other than the fact that it affected our GOVERNMENT LOAN. Annoying, right?
After the lovely two(ish) weeks of waiting this out, it turned out our loan wasn’t going to work after all. Did I mention we had already packed up our things, put stuff in storage, and moved in with my future in-laws? Lucky for me, my in-laws are amazing and home cooked meals are always a plus. 

Back to our loan…we quickly changed things around, fixed our loan, and got things rolling again. I felt like every week we would hear “we will know more next week.” It was killing me. Finally on Monday, M went a signed the papers we needed to get signed, and Tuesday the house was all OURS! 
Everyone keeps asking “omg I wanna see pictures!” I get it people, you want to stalk me. 😉 Hahaha. 
I kid, I kid! But in all honesty, we bought a fixer upper. It’s not your cookie cutter home. It isn’t in a development and we aren’t picking out which light fixtures or upgrades we want added to our layout. We wanted a house with character, we wanted a house we could work on, we wanted a house we could truly make our own HOME. 

Over the next months, I will be posting our journey of home renovations and DIY projects. Y’all just WAIT until you see the awesome before and after pictures that are about to swarm my blog! We are both so excited for this next chapter! Having a home is a huge step and I seriously can’t believe we have been so blessed with such an amazing life together! Here’s to the next part of our adventure! Cheers! 

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