Our first Halloween as a family!

This was our first Halloween together as a family and boy was it a fun one! It was also the first year i’ve done anything close to the festivities we took part in. Growing up I just went trick-or-treating. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lots of fun. But this year was different. We got together with his family and the kids played game, we had dinner, and we all went trick-or-treating together. Making memories like these are what I live for. I’m excited that we are making memories together and baby girl is making so many new friends, her cousins! 

Baby girl woke up and was VERY excited for it to be Halloween! She helped Grandma make mommy and daddy orange scrambled eggs and pumpkin shaped french toast! 

Mommy took the easy way out with decorating pumpkins this year and we just used paint. Sue me. If you have ever seen me carve a pumpkin before, you would understand my reasoning behind this. 


These are just a few pictures from our fun night! Baby girl had such a fun night! I asked her how her halloween was and she said it was “GREAT!” I would say that’s a success! And let’s talk about how cute this “shaggy dog” is! Seriously the cutest costume ever! 

Do you have any Halloween traditions?
Do you dress up as an adult?

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